FCS Easter Treasure Trail 2021 – directions and questions

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Welcome to our inaugural Easter Treasure Trail!  Please follow the directions and answer the clues below, then simply enter your answers into our form on the website http://www.ferndowncommunitycoronavirussupport.org.uk, click here or scan the QR code and follow the link:

You can use the written directions and/or the ‘What 3 Words’ coordinates to guide you:

1. Walk onto Ferndown Common via the Ringwood Road entrance opposite side of the road and just up from the Citroen Garage. Angel Inn not far if you need parking.

Question 1. Entrance sign Ferndown Common; what can’t you do according to the sign behind and to the right?

What Three words ///page.refers.Buck

2. At Junction bear right /straight on, following blue arrows keeping smallish oak tree to your right.

3. At the next junction turn right.

Question 2. What colour is the arrow on the post?    

What Three words ///fits.towns.flesh

4. At the signpost/notice board and where the path forks, bear right.

Question 3. What bird is pictured and mentioned on the signpost?

What Three words ///Herbs.tennis.hails.

5. Keep straight on heading north-east.

6. At the crossroads bear left.

What Three words /// Liability.ranch.pure.

7. At the gate walking onto the playing fields, turn left heading South West. Ignore all the large holes in the fencing as access back onto the common will be via the first gate that you come to.

Question 4. what colour is the heart on the sign? 

What Three words ///Bowls.riding.rewarding.

8. Follow the gravel footpath around the edge of the field, carrying on around the corner and then bear off slightly to the left to re-join the common at the first opportunity. Turn immediately right and follow the path.

Question 5. On the metal barred gate what are they keen to conserve?

What three words ///unfair.topped.tunes.

9. At the next junction bear/turn left and then turn immediately right again following the path in a Northernly direction. In quick succession.

Question 6. What colour is the arrow on the small sign saying the Great heath?      

What Three words ///cover.mess.icon

10. At the junction/crossroads turn left.

Question 7.  By the post what type of bush is there?  

What Three words ///pouch.punchy.rots

11. At the top of the small hill turn left onto a main path. Continue in a Southerly direction.

Question 8. How many nails are holding in the green sign circular sign, facing the main path, on the post saying, “this way to the off-lead area”?

What Three words ///every.button.battle.

12. At the next junction continue straight on bearing slightly to the right.

Question 9. On the post what group funds the Great Heath?

What Three words ///lofts.noted.long

13. At the junction carry straight on. Ignore the paths to your right and left and head South.

Question 10. Looking east across the playing fields what building is directly in front of you?

What Three words ///tamed.bath.flames

14. At the junction, keep straight on and then turn left at the next T-junction. Ignore the small left turn just before the main T junction which is 10m beforehand. As mentioned at the T junction tun left.

What Three words ///broken.best.shin

15. Keep going straight on for a while, ignore the left turn. Go past the great Barrow which will be on your right.

16. At the junction turn left.

Question 11.  What colour is the tape on the post?

What Three words ///robots.fancy.tell

17. You’re now at the finish when you come to a T-junction.

Question 12. How many arrows on the single post to your left?

What Three words ///proven.rams.safely

You’re done!!  Hope you’ve enjoyed the trail, and we wish you a Happy Easter!  Don’t forget to enter your answers via our website (www.ferndowncommunitycoronavirussupport.org.uk), click here, to be in with a chance of winning a fantastic hamper courtesy of Sainsbury’s

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